About us..
The Obok ZPAF Gallery was found in February 2006 in a place of long-lasting photography tradition,
becoming at the very beginning an important and noticed institution. Our gallery is located in the Warsaw
city centre, next to the Royal Castle on an important tourist route through the Old Town.
The gallery is working as a unit of The Union of Polish Art Photographers – an organization of great history,
gathering the artists of polish photography.
The main aim of the gallery is to popularize “young polish photography”. We are trying to actively
search for new interesting personalities, new trends and currents of polish photography.
Exhibitions are organized to those authors, who seem exceptionally interesting.
Moreover, we promote their achievements in the media, press and TV.
We would like also viewers from outside Poland to become familiar with this art,
so we would be glad to start cooperation with galleries and institutions in other countries.
All the information on our projects and exhibitions are available in the catalogues -
– Archive 2006/2007. Present events are placed in a folder – Current Exhibition ( Aktualna Wystawa).
In folder (Kolekcja) we propose you the best polish photo for sale.

Mail to Gallery: galeria.obok@zpaf.pl

Chef - Kurator Gallery Obok ZPAF - Anna Wolska